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  1. Very exciting! Vol 3 was my favorite part when I read it as WIP, and I hope it didn’t get changed too much in the editing process. I loved the romantic pairings and the depth you gave all the relationships.

    • Monica,

      I had to do a major overhaul in the story to make the plot work better. The original wandered in the weeds a whole lot. One of the pairings will be played out in a shorter piece I want to put out at the end of the year. I just couldn’t work it in, but I didn’t want to drop it all together.

      For fans of the original Given Good Principles, I am looking at ways of making it available through my site only, not on Amazon ect. That way people can have both if they want.

  2. I loved the vol 3, I haven’t read the other 2, but I really enjoyed you twist on the story. I read it on kindle and it said I could read follow up chapters online, where would I find them? Thanks again for your fun story!

    • Thanks Melodie. If you look right below the header on this page, there is a row of blue links. The first one is ‘ previews, bonus chapters, new stories’. If you hover over that it will bring up a drop down menu where you can select the bonus chapters. If you still have trouble just let me know and I’m always happy to help!

  3. Just finished Vol 3 and LOVED it! Could not put it down until I finished it. A ton of questions so hoping for another installment to continue the story! I always loved the Colonel and even more so in your story! Thx!

  4. I have read All the Appearance of Goodness on my kindle. At the end it said to come here to find a book extra to find out what comes next but I can’t find any links. Could you direct me?

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