Search Google with an image in four simple steps

As a follow up to my post a couple of weeks ago, Blogger Beware, I wanted to offer some help in tracking down the sources of photos you find on the web. You can perform Google Searches with an image and look for where else that image occurs online.  That can sometimes take you back to the origins of the image and the license holder for it.
The process is pretty simple and straight forward.  Here is a step by step guide.

1. Get the url for the image you want to do the search on.

To do this,  right click on the image and a drop down menu will appear like the one below.  Select ‘Copy Image location.’

copu image url

2. In your browser, type in

That will take you to a page that looks like this.

go to

3.  Go to the search box and paste in the url you copied in step 1.

You can right click and select paste to do this. Then click the blue magnifying glass button.

paste url into search box

4. Search through your results list.

It will look something like this.  At the bottom of the list there will often be a list of similar images you can search as well. This may be useful if the image you are searching has been photo shopped. image search results


by Maria Grace © 2013, all rights reserved

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