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Welcome to the Valentine’s Hearts Through History Blog Hop! Hop from site to site and enjoy historical anecdotes and trivia tidbits about all things romantic. Stories of old love, fascinating insight into love/courting/marriage and weddings from all over history await! Even better, each stop is offering a giveaway you can enter with just a comment, so hop away!

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An Unlikely beginning and a Happy Ending

Charles James Fox(1749-1806) was in parliament from the age of 19, at 21 he was first lord of the Admiralty. He could speak 5 languages fluently was renowned as the best orator of his day and was friend to the Duchess of Devonshire. His grandparents had the most romantic story.

His great grandfather owed a friend a large gaming debt. To settle the debt, he gave his daughter,  Sarah to be married to Charles, later the second Duke of Richmond. She was 13 and he 18 year old.   They disliked each other on sight. So great was the strife that after the wedding she was sent to school and he away to the continent for the Grand Tour.Their separation lasted three years.

When Charles returned he tried to avoid reuniting with his detestable wife.  One night he attended the opera where he saw beautiful woman, and fell in love . The woman was none other than his wife.

He wooed her properly and won her affections. Their marriage was universally regarded as happy and they were known to kiss and cuddle often. She later bore him 12 children.mag collage copy

I am giving away several different prizes for this hop.  I have one of each of my book: Darcy’s Decision and The Future Mrs Darcy (paperback for US, e-book for elsewhere).  I also have exclusive ‘Jane Austen said it best’ 4×6″ magnets in four different designs. Four winners will win a magnet with a randomly selected design.

Comment for your entry into the contest. Comment link is just under the post title. Please include whether you’d prefer a book or a magnet if you win. Extra entries can be earned for new blog follows, twitter follow, pinterest follow, facebook page likes and a double entry for e-newsletter subscriptions. All extra entry activities can be access from the button in the right hand sidebar. I have comments set to moderation, so if your comment doesn’t appear right away, don’t worry, it will soon.

I’ve posted a little early so all the links may not be live yet. They will be live 2/10/13.

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  1. Lovely post, Maria Grace!
    Fascinating tale with a fab ending! definitely a Valentine story of Love…
    delited to be part of this Hop and post will be up on time =)

    would luv your books ! have anticipated them for some time –
    perfect additions to participation in the P&P Centenary Challenge at Laurel Ann’s !

    EnJoy your week….

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  3. I enjoyed the Charles Fox story. That is romantic.

    Thank you for participating in the hop. If I were to win, I would be interested in The Future Mrs. Darcy or the magnets.
    sophiarose1816 at gmail dot com

    I am a current follower at FB, Twitter, Pinterest as Sophia Rose
    newsletter with my email listed above.

  4. Now that is the stuff of a great Regency romance novel! In fact, I am sure someone has already stolen the real life tale and tweaked it a bit. LOL!

    Thanks for sharing that romantic tale, Grace. And thanks for hosting this Valentine Blog Hop! I am very happy to be a part of it. :-)


  5. That’s a lovely story about Charles & Sarah – just like the fictional stories I love to read!
    I’d love a print book or one of those pretty magnets (love the bluebird).
    I’m a new blog follower (today) by email, FB & Pinterest.
    sallans d at yahoo dot com

  6. Woohoo! Loved the romance you picked (it does sound like the stuff of fantasy). I liked you on facebook, followed you on pinterest, and subscribed to your newsletter. That’s the full sweep for me I guess. :) I’d be interested in the magnets as well. Thanks a bunch.

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  8. I absolutely loved that story. I love all love stories! I think that the things you write are awesome and I can’t wait to read more.
    I would be interested in the book.


  9. I absolutely loved that story. I love all love stories! I think that the things you write are awesome and I can’t wait to read more.
    I would be interested in the book.

    Followed on twitter, liked on fb.

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  12. That is quite a romantic story! I guess some people are just destined to fall in love, no matter how bumpy tue road. That’s what I love about Darcy and Lizzy!

    I’d like the book(s) if I were a lucky winner. I’m a blog and newsletter subscriber (monicaperry00 at gmail.com), and a twitter follower (@jaffobsession).


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