Count down to New Release…just hours now…

All the Appearance of GoodneessMy bad!  I just realized that I hadn’t updated the countdown since it was at 7 days! I had a good reason for it though, I haven’t been up for air in those seven days!


At 3:30 today I hit the submit button at Now it’s just waiting for it all the process and hoping that there are no file problems. It all checked out on my end, but still holding my breath.

Even better…. I’m on PubIt as we speak right now, getting it ready for NOOK.

It’s a little like the last few hours of labor, waiting for the book to be born!

I’ll keep you all posted….

If you’re getting bored while you wait, check out the latest chapter of It Only Stands to Reason or  Chocolate the Regency way!

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  1. I just successfully purchased it from Amazon……and all looks good. So excited to read the final installment (although I read it on first). I love the re-writes that you did for the published versions. I’m so happy to have this to read tonight until the hockey game starts at 9pm.

  2. Well no one can complain about having read this before on I haven’t decided yet if which version I like better. With that said, I love it, and I’m curious how this will all turn out. Two thumbs up my dear.

  3. I finished the book yesterday. It gave me a retreat from the nasty cold I have. I did enjoy the FFN version as well as the final product. You did tighten up several places. Thank you for a great read.

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