Count down to New Release…7 days

In the home stretch now  Seven days (including today!)  until the new release is due out.

Cover is done, emergency rewrites, line edits, first  round of proof reading all done.

Advanced Review Copy, revised, made into kindle and in the hands of 5 reviewers. Done.

First four chapters of printed proof copy proofread–manuscript bleeding–again!  MUST. STOP.CHANGING. THINGS!!!!

One stop left to schedule on blog tour. Color coded excel spread sheet with all relevant information created. First post due in 5 days!!!!  Agghhhhhh! What have I done? I committed to writing another 25K words!

How come this list keeps getting longer?

Still need to learn to use the e-pub translator so I can get books on Nook and Kobo–yes, they really will be available there, all of them! Yeah!

Need to write cover copy and format cover for each outlet.

It’s getting closer!

If you’re getting bored while you wait, check out the latest chapter of It Only Stands to Reason or  Chocolate the Regency way!

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