History A'la Carte 1-10-13

An interview about a new Jane Austen bigoraphy to start your History a’la Carte.

And now, a  new installment of History a’la Carte to start the new year. I am always amazed to find out how much I didn’t know that I didn’t know.


Confound it all!

Girl pulling hair, screamingConfound it all! One of the frustrations of writing historical fiction is discovering your character could not do/hear/see/say something because it had not been invented yet!

Such is my plight as I just discovered my heroine could not say ‘Confound it!’ as the saying did not exist for nearly another 40 years!

A few other things she could not say (and the year in which she could have said them) include:

  • botheration – c. 1835
  • by gum – c. 1825
  • cheeky – c. 1830
  • cheerio – c. 1910
  • confound it – c. 1850
  • darned – c. 1815
  • drat – c. 1815
  • fancy that – c. 1834
  • frightfully – c. 1830
  • (all) right – c. 1837
  • right you are – c. 1865
  • smashing – c. 1850

But, when frustrated, as I  am,  she could have said any of these (and the year they made their appearance):

  • bah –c. 1600
  • balderdash – c.1675
  • barmy — c. 1600
  • beastly – c. 1200
  • blasted – (damned) c. 1600
  • by (Saint) George – c. 1719, by Jove – c. 1570
  • by the bye – c. 18th C.
  • criminy – c. 1700
  • daft – c. 1450
  • dang — c. 1790
  • darn – c. 1790
  • deuced (damned) — c. 1785
  • devilish – c. 1450
  • devil of a… – c. 1750,
  • dickens (What the dickens?) – late 1600
  • egad — c. 1675
  • fiddle-de-dee – c. 1785
  • fiddle faddle – from 18th C.
  • fiddlesticks – from 17th C.
  • gads — from 17th C., gadzooks — c. 1655
  • ghastly – c. 1325
  • golly – c. 1775
  • good gracious – from 18th C.
  • goodness! – mid 19th C.
  • gosh – c. 1760
  • go to the devil – from 14th C.
  • gracious – from 18th C., gracious me – from 19th
  • I say – from 17th C.
  • la – from 16th C.
  • lo and behold — by 1810
  • oh! – c. 1550, oh-oh — c. 173
  • pah — c. 1600
  • pish — c. 1595
  • pooh — c. 1600
  • pshaw — c. 167
  • rot it – 17th — 18th C.
  • rubbish — c. 1630
  • son of a gun — c. 1710
  • tosh – (nonsense) c. 1530
  • What (how) the devil – from 17th C.
  • zooks – c. 1635
  • zounds – c. 1600

And to make matters worse, my family looks at me like I’m nuts for caring whether or not she could have said any of these phrases. Confound it all!

English Through the Ages, by William Brohaugh, Writer’s Digest Books, 1998
Etymology of Expressions compiled by Joanna Waugh http://www.joannawaugh.com/Expressions.html

by Maria Grace Copyright 2013, all rights reserved

Get to know David Pilling

David Pilling

I’d like to introduce you to David Pilling this morning. I hope you enjoy getting to know him as much as I have.

Writing is such a challenging endeavor. What got you started on it and what keeps you doing it?

For as long as I can remember I’ve had ideas for original stories swirling around in my head. The setting of my childhood no doubt helped a great deal: I was brought up in rural West Wales, a wonderfully evocative area, and spent many years dragging my poor parents up and down every ruined castle in the country. I always enjoyed creative writing at school, and then there was a significant lapse during my teens and early twenties. I started writing short stories again about four years ago and since then the floodgates have opened! Continue reading

History A'la Carte 1-3-13

How about a lesson in fire starting the Tudor-era way to  enjoy with your History a’la Carte.

And now, a  new installment of History a’la Carte to start the new year. I am always amazed to find out how much I didn’t know that I didn’t know.

A Backward Glance and a Look Ahead


As we embark on a new year, I like to take a look at where I’ve come from and where I’m hoping to go.

2012 was a roller coaster for me and my family. I can hardly believe all that has happened. Just in terms of writing alone it was a whirlwind year. I  published my first two books, finished one new manuscript and got half way through a second. I started this blog in January and gave it its first face lift in July with the delightful result being the opportunity to e-meet many of you!

In the course of the year, I was blessed to join English Historical Fiction Authors and Austen Authors and got a new publishing imprint, White Soup Press.

I attended my first book festival and got to meet in person many of the people I’d only met on-line before at the Decatur Book Festival.   For me, that was a real adventure.

I was also blessed to be able to publish an assortment of articles in a variety of different places:

History Articles

Book Previews

Interviews and About Me

New Fiction

Other odds and ends

I was also blessed to receive lovely reviews for both my books:

Happy New Year 2013

Looking back at all that kind of boggles the mind a bit to be honest and makes me think a lot about 2013. Where to go from here?

I like goals. They give me something to shoot for and even if I don’t attain them, I still get a whole lot farther than I would without them. So here are some of my goals for 2013.

Writing: In the process of launching my life as a full-time author, I got a little more distracting from writing than I would have liked, so, I’m now setting a goal of 1000 words, new words, not edits, five days a week. I’d like to hit a quarter million–250,000 new words–this year.

With any luck, that will mean two new manuscripts complete at novel length, a novella and a couple of short stories, plus articles at EHFA. Wow, that kind of intimidates me just thinking about it.

Publishing: I have hopes of putting out three new works this year, at least two novels and a novella or full novel, all under White Soup Press.

I also hope to publish a couple of short stories, a new format for me. We’ll see how it goes.

There are two anthologies in the works that I have contributed to and they should be out in 2013 as well. More info on that as it comes.

Oh, and the BIG ONE, I will be releasing my stuff on B&N (Nook) and Kobo in the first quarter of 2013.

Website: I have another facelift planned for the first quarter of the year, including a way to give you access to buy books directly from this site.

Continuing Education: I have employed the services of a developmental coach for a Sci Fi series that I’ve been working on for years now and hope to take strides to getting it publishable. I plan to take a couple of writing courses and have a writing conference on my calendar. And then there’s a steady diet of on-line writing/marketing/publishing articles,  100 or so a week that I will continue to follow.

Whew! Makes me tired and a little wigged out just thinking about all that. I probably put all this down more for my sake than anything else. But now that it’s out here, hopefully I’ll hang on to the motivation to do it!

So far I’ve managed the 1000+ word goal for the last three days, so it’s a start. I’ll keep you all posted on how I progress on all this in my quarterly newsletters.  If you don’t subscribe to those yet, please do. It is a lovely way to be able to keep you up to date on all publishing news and I promise there won’t be any spam, ever. I won’t share emails with anyone.

I wish you all a safe and blessed 2013!