Vol 3 Editing Update

Thought I’d share the latest on the editing progress for Vol 3: Given Good Principles.

The first round of edits I do are plot edits which means breaking the story down into individual scenes and making sure it all works.

Piles of notes and reminders and lists turned into scads of colored sticky notes carefully placed on a foam coare display board.  Which of course, was an invitation for a cat to nap. Perhaps that is reason #8 why editing takes so long.?

Storyboard complete

Final Storyboard, Volume 3

Once he finished his nap, I was able to get all those stickies in order and into place on the board, and lo and behold, what should I find but….. A PLOT! So now I can say with some assurance, the plot is all worked out and the plot editing step is finished. On to the next step–Scene level edits.  Happily this is much less arduous process.  Onward and upwards as they say.

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