Get to know Barbara Tiller Cole of Darcyholics

Barbara Tiller Cole is my guest today! 

Barbara Tiller Cole

Barbara Tiller Cole

It is inherent in the truth of the matter that when you name your blog Darcyholic Diversions, you must be one yourself. The subheading of my blog states that if Darcy is the problem who wants a cure.  That has certainly seemed to be the truth for me since I first saw the 1995 BBC Pride and Prejudice in 2001 on VHS while recovering from surgery.  I don’t do things by half!  I take my addiction seriously and hence have a blog and an upcoming book celebrating my condition.  I recently recounted the foundation of my addiction, which I today call Darcyholism. Continue reading

#10: Top 10 reasons editing takes so long

Big cats sleeping on desk

#10 Can’t. Reach. Keyboard.

This is probably a good time to introduce the editorial staff here. They think they are helpful, but their idea of help and mine can strongly differ.

The big guy in the back is Whitie–I know creative name. He’s actually more like a toasted marshmallow than truly white. He’s also got the figure of a marshmallow, soft and plushy.  His temperament matches too, sweetie and sticky, he likes to hang around his people and will stick in the most inconvenient location. See above.

The stripy guy in the foreground is Manager. He’s always wandering around telling you what’s wrong.  Mind you he’s the brains of the outfit, but he’s not quiet about that fact.  Happily he’s easy to get along with and a good team builder.  He’s always encouraging his teammates and making sure there’s plenty of team building opportunities.  See above.

I’ll introduce more of the staff later. It’s quite the colorful group, and oh so helpful in making sure I meet deadlines!

Be sure and catch my post on Darcyholic Diversions tomorrow where I’ll be talking a more about why editing takes too darned long!

Promotions Friday 7-27-12

Welcome to my Friday’s promotions posts. I’ve found some real goodies for this week!

If you’d like to be included, email me and so I can get all the details straight.

New Book Releases

Regina Jeffers

“A Touch of Grace” is now available at Amazon. The Kindle conversion is about a week or so away.

Give Aways

Elizabeth Ashworth

Just one more day to win a free signed copy of  An Honorable Estate. Open worldwide

On Darcyholic Diversions:

Pamela O Dixon is proving a giveaway of one paperback (US only) and an ecopy (International) of her book Bewitched, Body and Soul.
Comments on Jennifer Petkus’s post will enter you drawing for her book– a standard paperback for US and Canada and ebook internationally–
 Comments on Karen Aminadra’s post will enter you into a drawing for 2 .mobi Kindle versions of her book; and into the monthly drawings at Darcyholic Diversions–
 Comments on Marilyn Brant’s post will enter you into a drawing for one of 2 PDF copies of her romantic comedy ebook, ON ANY GIVEN SUNDAE, to two random commenters — open internationally; and into the monthly drawings at Darcyholic Diversions.
All drawings are made the first week on the month.

Special Prices

Michele Silverman Kallio

Announcing the new lower ebook price of $3.99 for BETRAYAL direct from the publisher:

Smashwords Freebie

Farida Mestek

Margaret’s Rematch” is FREE at Smashwords till the end of July. Just use the code and it’s yours! (And while at it you can also download for free her fantasy novella)

Kindle Freebies (note these are often limited time offers)

Karen Aminadra

Vera Nazarian

Jane Austen parody *Northanger Abbey and Angels and Dragons*

Maggi Andersen

My Georgian romance, The Reluctant Marquess is free on Amazon this weekend.


The Anne Boleyn Collection – The Real Truth about the Tudors


Barbara Tiller Cole 

I am very excited to let you know where we are with authors who are now committed to be at the Decatur Book Festival at our JASNA Atlanta tents! There are others that are on the fence and we hope you will join: For more information click here.


Austen in August at the Book rat’s site. Persuasion  read along and give-aways coming soon

Austenesque Extravaganza at Austenesque Reviews: giveaways, and events coming in September.

Nom nom nom ~ Regency style

A fascinating post on one of my favorite subjects, the history of food.

Nom nom nom ~ Regency style

 by M.M. Bennetts

…The first meal of the day was generally taken at ten.  It lasted for about an hour and it was a good solid English breakfast.  ‘Morning’ itself then lasted until dinner at perhaps three or four in the afternoon.  Dinner went on for about two hours…For the most part, there were two courses, often called removes, plus dessert.  And the servants didn’t serve each individual from a tray onto their plate either.

Oh, and there was no allotted placement either, with the exception that the host would be the first into the room, escorting the ‘senior’ lady, and taking his place at the foot of the table, while the hostess sat at the upper end of the table and the guest(s) of honour sat near her.

When the family or family and guests walked into the dining room, the table would already be spread with an array of dishes of every kind of food–soup, fish, game, poultry, meat, pies, sauces, pickles, vegetables, puddings both sweet and savoury, jellies and custards.  Depending upon the occasion, there might be anything from five to twenty five different dishes, all arranged symmetrically around a centre dish.

Continue reading

Is Fanfiction a Legitimate Genre?

Fiction Genres

Fiction Genres (Photo credit: Enokson)

Just encountered this article this afternoon.

You can guess my thoughts.  However, do you think it is different if the work is in the public domain vs it being still under copyright?  I’d love to have your opinions.

Is Fanfiction a Legitimate Genre?

June 19, 2012

Is fanfiction a legitimate genre? Copyright infringement? Or something altogether unique?

By Edward Nawotka, Editor-in-Chief

Fifty Shades of Grey started off as Twilight fanfiction, using the characters of Edward and Bella as a template and then added sex. Now that the books have sold over 12 million copies through their “legitimate” publisher, Vintage Books, the genre is getting some serious commercial credibility. But is fanfiction a legitimate genre? Copyright infringement? Or something altogether unique?

Hit up and you’ll find thousands of books, stories, and other forms of homage based on popular works of literature, film, etc…Fans are passionate and popular characters have inspired them to produce original storylines … that their original creators never envisioned (or quite possibly considered and rejected).

…The real question might be rather than “is fanfiction a legitimate genre” — when is so-called legitimate fiction actually a variation fanfiction?

One thing that’s certain: it’s impossible to ignore something so very popular. And if it inspires people to read and write more, then all the better.

via Is Fanfiction a Legitimate Genre? | Publishing Perspectives.

My secret indulgence

So last week I had to confess to my secret addiction to office supplies.  This week I’ll fess up to my secret indulgence.

Diet friendly indulgence

Doesn’t this look good?

I love Coke floats, but the waistline doesn’t.  So I came up with this to satisfy that craving with a whole lot less impact on the way my jeans fit! LOL   It’s quick and easy:

In a 20-oz glass, fill one third with ice.  Add 3-4T of fat free half and half, 2 T sugar free coffee syrup in your favorite flavor.   Give it a good stir and then fill the glass–S-L-O-W-L-Y with your favorite diet cola.  It will foam up rather impressively.

I think it tastes like a float after the ice cream has started to melt into the soda.  Give it a try and tell me what you think.

Every Major's Terrible!

When you’ve got kids in college and heading into college, this becomes even funnier than it already is.

Here is the original Gilbert and Sullivan version.

Promotions Friday 7-20-2012

I’ve got a new feature on the blog! Friday will feature promotions for new books, book evens, give aways and author events, and anything else that seems to makes sense.

If you’d like to be included, email me and so I can get all the details straight.

New Book Releases

Paula Lofting 

Sons of the Wolf    Now available to order on Amazon!

Katherine Pym

Of Carrion Feathers Now available in ebook and paperback!


Regina Jeffers

My Jane Austen Book Club: Giveaway of “Honor and Hope.”

P.O. Dixon

My Jane Austen Book Club: Bewtiched Body and Soul Give-away

Karen Aminadra

Indie Jane: Give Away of  ‘Charlotte’

Aimee Avery

My Jane Austen Book club: Giveaway of Honor and Integrity

Robin Helm

Austenesque Reviews:  Giveaway of ‘Legacy’.

Various Authors

Month Long giveaways at Darcyholic Diversions.

Vanessa Mills

Multiple book giveaway on her site.

Special Prices on Books

Karen Aminadra’s

new book Relative Deceit is on sale for  an introductory price of 99 cents


Barbara Tiller Cole 

I am very excited to let you know where we are with authors who are now committed to be at the Decatur Book Festival at our JASNA Atlanta tents! There are others that are on the fence and we hope you will join: For more information click here.

Georgian Cookery: Chocolate Tart!

I love old cookbooks, the older the better. With as much time as I spend in the kitchen trying to feed three teen-aged sons, old fashioned cookery fascinated me.  When I found these videos, I just had to share them.  There are several, but, in true chocoholic fashion, I have to share dessert first!

Here’s a link to the site you can download the recipe.  I may just have to try this one! Georgian Recipes