#10: Top 10 reasons editing takes so long

Big cats sleeping on desk

#10 Can’t. Reach. Keyboard.

This is probably a good time to introduce the editorial staff here. They think they are helpful, but their idea of help and mine can strongly differ.

The big guy in the back is Whitie–I know creative name. He’s actually more like a toasted marshmallow than truly white. He’s also got the figure of a marshmallow, soft and plushy.  His temperament matches too, sweetie and sticky, he likes to hang around his people and will stick in the most inconvenient location. See above.

The stripy guy in the foreground is Manager. He’s always wandering around telling you what’s wrong.  Mind you he’s the brains of the outfit, but he’s not quiet about that fact.  Happily he’s easy to get along with and a good team builder.  He’s always encouraging his teammates and making sure there’s plenty of team building opportunities.  See above.

I’ll introduce more of the staff later. It’s quite the colorful group, and oh so helpful in making sure I meet deadlines!

Be sure and catch my post on Darcyholic Diversions tomorrow where I’ll be talking a more about why editing takes too darned long!

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